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One-Way clutch

Standard type, L & IN type

Standard type, L & IN type
It’s a small-size one-way clutch with high performance, which was developed by our company with the miniature bearing technology.
The standard type and type L made of high-carbon chromium steel are well sold due to their long lifespan and high compatibility with shafts.
We are capable of manufacturing ultra antirust stainless steel bearings.

Standard, L & IN type
007 One-Way clutch (standard, L & IN type)-A(PDF:301KB)

GXZ Type

GXZ Type
Made from sintered metals and stainless steel, the GXZ type is not affected by external influence due to no resin used in its basis. Furthermore, without inner ring equipped, it facilitates proprietary shaft inserted into the clutch. It may be delivered alone or together with accessories such as gears.

GXZ type
008 One-Way clutch (OWC-GXZ) & (PDF:371KB)