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Introduction to new products

Compact size · Dual-direction Torque limiter new

Compact size · Dual-direction Torque limiter
Torque limiter is a machine element which are often know as slipping clutch that is commonly used on the paper feeding mechanisms in the printers, copiers, and office automation equipment.
Origin Torque limiter OTLP type generates the torque by creating the friction between the press-fitted coil springs and the inner ring. OTLP limits the torque from the input (drive side) to the output (driven side).

Compact size · Dual-direction Torque limiter
Torque Limiter (OTLP Type)(PDF:328KB)

Free-type two-way clutch   new   【Product for reference】

Free-type two-way clutch 
It is a mechanic device which may transmit load from input shaft to output shaft, and shut off disturbance and power loaded on output shaft by means of maintaining output shaft racing.

Two-way clutch free type
two-way clutch free type (PDF:KB)

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